Sunday, June 27, 2010

Freedom of Speech Cartoon

Joseph Thomas
PS 101
Dr. McCombs
June 25, 2010

This cartoon is based on the right to freedom of speech. It is mocking the idea of freedom of speech. The setting of this cartoon is in a vast ocean where there are many different types of fish. The ocean is representing the world that we live in and the fish represent the people in the world. Freedom of speech is supposed to be given to everyone and in this illustration everyone is using it. However the main idea is in the size of the fish. The each fish representing the people have the right to freedom of speech, however, the bigger fish are eating the smaller fish. This represents the fact that the bigger and more powerful you are the more your opinion matters. The least powerful person may have a voice but it is over shadowed by the speech or opinion of the more powerful people. This cartoon is intended for people in eastern Europe who were realizing that even though they had freedom of speech that they were not powerful enough for it to matter what opinions they had.

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  1. Any idea as to whom drew it, when, and where? I believe his or her name is Azim and was it drew in Russia but I would like to see if I can have a definite answer.