Sunday, June 27, 2010

Federalist No. 10 by Joseph Thomas

Federalist No. 10 by Joseph Thomas
The Same Subject Continued: The Union as a Safeguard Against Domestic Faction and Insurrection
“I am not an American but a Virginian.” I recognize that most of you reading this believe the previous quote to be true. However, I ask of you to think again the idea of the United States of America, what is right and wrong with it, what is good and bad, and what can the people of this infant country do to improve or sustain the ideas that are already in place. As you read this the Founding Fathers have been working diligently to improve the United States of America. We too must work hard and think seriously of all issues that are important to our country. An uninformed nation of people can never experience the results of their hard labor for the country.
I understand that many of you are worried about the Constitution and believe that it will give all power back to a central government and everyone will lose all that is rightfully theirs. Those same people believe that instead of a strong central government we need to remain with several strong state governments and continue the ideas of the Confederation.
I say to you do not throw the idea of a Constitution to the wayside. The United States will not survive without a strong central government. Everyone will keep what is rightfully theirs and no one will lose their inalienable rights. There are many concerned about this new style of government but I say to you there is nothing more alarming than a weak central government.
We required a central government when fighting off our oppressors and we need to continue to require a central government when building and sustaining our country. If the states continue to work alone and not consider even their neighbors, how will the country grow and prosper? If South Carolina does not give business or trade with other states how will supply and demand be meet to full efficiency and effectiveness? When will we know if one state is too powerful or if another is being misrepresented? If we do not continue to act united we will fall one by one to self satisfying interests and eventually be nothing more than a land filled will factions and special interests.
How will you answer those questions? What should we do if strong state governments are not the answer? I am telling you now that in order to avoid the dangers of self interests we must have a strong central government. The government that I speak of will be formed by the Constitution. No one state will have power over another state. States will be represented equally in the Senate and by population in the House. Everyone will have a voice and no citizen will lose their inalienable rights.
Our country is an ever changing one and the future holds dangers that we may not even be able to comprehend. If we do not have a strong central government in place ready to handle these issues and dangers we will surely fall. The country’s economy and the people will not be able to grow and prosper. States that do not fall under a strong central government and have no checks and balances will begin to think only for themselves and will not work together for the common good of the entire nation. Selfishness will consume the country and will slowly dismantle every state from within.
I say to you now men and women of the United States of America, take down your ears guard and listen to people who know the dangers of separate factions. With this new strong central government we will gain the ability to combat the dangers of faction but we will also be able to continue to maintain the cohesiveness of the states. Please understand ladies and gentlemen that we are no longer people of our states but of something bigger, we are people of our country. Never forget that we are American’s.

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