Thursday, July 1, 2010

My View CA#5

This cartoon is based on the presidency of the United States of America. It was published immediately after Barack Obama was elected President. The cartoon is mocking the times of segregation and showing the triumph of the first Black-American President. The setting of this cartoon is in an office building at the commonly known water cooler area. The water cooler is labeled “the Presidency” and is representing that specific political office. Above the water cooler is a shadow of a sign that was once there. Next to the water cooler is a trashcan that contains the sign that was once above the water cooler. The sign in the trashcan reads “Whites Only.” This represents the fact that America was once segregated and believed that separate is equal and the fact that since America has found that separate is not equal the office of the Presidency is the only office that was yet to be filled by anyone other than a white American. However with the popularity of Barack Obama and the vote of the people the presidency is no longer a symbol of white male power and is now a symbol of diverse American power. My opinion still holds true to today. That America is the land of opportunity for everyone no matter who you are. As a young white male coming from a background where one of my grandparents is still very segregated I am proud to know that now my children will grow up in a country that is equal for all.

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